Client Results

Cathi Aanwyn

The Mediumship Mastery Course was awesome!

Chloe Anderson is unique in her ability to perceive and bring out the gifts in each participant and to enable each person to participate fully and grow hugely within six weeks.

All of this is in a container that is so full of love, genuine support, and safety you will feel instantly at home!

Chloe has the integrity of being transparently honest and everything is conducted for the optimum outcome of everyone. She has an innate ability to help others deal with deep personal matters, with such insight and gentleness that personal transformation occurs in a beautiful way.

I have learnt so much on this Mediumship Mastery course, it has opened my world of possibilities to a vision with far more clarity and confidence than I could have thought possible in the time.

I have learnt a lot about my own gifts and how grow them safely and in alignment for the highest good. I have made wonderful friends and loved every minute of every session.

Chloe brings an amazing energy of love, truth and enthusiasm and I am already missing our weekly sessions!

For anyone who feels they are drawn to this course or to work with Chloe in any way, just do it! You will be so happy and grateful you did! I am!

Thank you, Chloe!

With all my heart and love

Joanna Ptak

Since my first meeting with Chloe I felt comforted. She is one of the most genuine, compassionate people I know. Not only has she helped guide me through some difficult moments in my life, but she has also taught me tools I use daily! Her intuition is very accurate. Just when I think I’ve healed all of a negative pattern she helps me go deeper and peel back another layer to release. I feel so much lighter with every class and session. She is one of my safe spaces, and I cannot thank her enough for being in my life!

Kristin Bobb

Chloe Anderson is multi-talented and one-of-a-kind mentor, healer and leader! I have worked with her in several different capacities over the past several years and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who I am today without her mentorship, powerful healings and her gentle care. She has a way of seeing the most stubborn blocks we have that we may be unwilling or unable to see on our own. She is sensitive to the deeper issues that we all as a collective are healing and provides the energy and words to help us recognize where it’s living inside of our bodies and the flow to let it go. The thing I love most about Chloe is that she helps you lead yourself. She doesn’t hold back her knowledge and guidance and provides exactly what you need individually to succeed and move to your next level. When you listen to your heart and it’s pulling you to Chloe, it’s best to listen! You will not be disappointed!

Shannon Perkins Ortega

Chloe is fantastic! She has beautiful insight and amazing gifts.

Her readings are amazing and her recent Intuitive Masterclass was totally off the hook.

I truly enjoyed every second and left with great tools and resources to hone my intuitive gifts.

I cannot wait to see what’s next. 

Robin Seney Auger

Chloe is an dynamic reader and natural born healer. She’s full of compassion, warmth and quite Inspirational. She can quickly pin point a feeling , situation with complete accuracy and offers insight as to how to resolve it. She straight forward does energy clearing and healing work and been instrumental in my growth as an individual and Fellow spiritualist. I’m delighted to recommend and Reefer her to anyone needing guidance.

Christine Jewell

so much more. She is the most incredible human being I know and she is so humble and grateful and loving and kind and generous and ACURATE! I am in awe of Chloe and the fact that no matter what she does for me, she prefaces EVERYTHING with a beautiful statement: I ask that only God works through me and what comes through is for the highest and best good of one and all. And God gives her what she asks! AMAZING woman, AMAZING gifts, INCREDIBLY accurate readings and the coaching she does is life changing and transformational. I can’t say enough about her!!

Coley Irish

Chloe has the most amazing energy. I have had the pleasure of a handful of mini-readings from her the past month and last week we finally coordinated our schedules for a full hour long session.

There were an over-abundance of messages for me and all were spot on. Most were Source spurring me on in my current path of growth. I had a few descriptions and predictions that were validation of the current path I was on and where I desire to go. And multiple runs of conversation Chloe steered with such perfect bulls-eye view of where I needed to go that I have zero doubt it was her spot-on intuition and guides leading it.

I walked away from my session feeling content and happy, and energized for the soon to be developments coming my way. Two important things she predicted have already shown up in just a week.

My session with Chloe felt like a beautiful medley of psychic reading, intuitively guided conversations to get to the roots of my fears and remove them, and just an hour of plain old basking in loving energy being sent to me for healing. I adore her and can’t wait to have another session

Christine Smith

I met chloe on vacation and bumped into her in the pool. I believe that we were meant to meet! We ended up chatting and she did a chakra clearing on me! I instantly felt 10 lbs lighter!

She’s been coaching me through growing into my psychic gifts. This is girl is incredibly gifted and very accurate! I’m so glad I met her and we’ve become great friends in the process. I’m happy to have her in my life and I know shes helping so many others by spreading her love and light into the world! Thank you universe for sending her into my life!

Jennifer Bordone

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for me over these past months. Ever since I met you and had our first session my life has really blossomed in ways I’d never imagined. So many doors have opened up and along the way you always had a message to share that got me through to the next step. I started reading my own cards and have really opened up to the guidance from God that I intuitively knew and cards have confirmed. I’ve even had a few occurrences of 4 or 5 cards falling out and feeling doubt like those all couldn’t be for me, only to have the next day the same cards pop out! Recently I read a quote saying “it’s only a message after it’s deciphered” like telling me you have to do the work. Anyway, I’m so grateful and I wish you all the joy and blessings you deserve.

Christina Bullaro Contaldi

What a fantastic experience! Chloe blew my mind with her accuracy, and her ability to tap into my past, present and future. She recalled things that even I forgot about my past! Speaking to her helped bring clarity to some uneasy feelings, and make me feel more grounded in my path and purpose. The details she was able to define about the people and situations in my life made me know she was truly tapped in. Not to mention she is a delightful soul and pleasure to talk to! So appreciative and grateful for meeting this lovely person and for her sharing her gift. Thank you, Chloe!

Sandra Burdick Regnell

Chloe is so accurate. She gets right to the point, is a great listener and understands the journey of self improvement. She is very guided and her counseling is really uplifting. And it’s a judgment free zone – love her readings and love her as a person. Definitely recommend her. You won’t be disappointed!!

Andrea Warren Cleveland 

I did a reading with Chloe, to support her initially, and to be honest, I was just expecting a basic, non-specific type reading. Boy was I in for a BIG surprise! Chloe is incredibly insightful, extremely specific and time after time brought up details that were spot on for me!! She even brought up the exact brand name of this purse I’ve been looking for since last year…and we were not remotely talking about shopping! I’m blown away by how rapidly she is able to give you all the information you require and more, all while loving and supporting you throughout the entire reading. This woman is the real deal and I HIGHLY encourage anyone to come to her for any guidance they may need. Tell all your friends!

Nicole von Breunig

I had a reading with Chloe and I was absolutely amazed how gifted she is. Chloe is so very intuitive and within minutes she gave me such new information that I may start a totally new exciting life. The space she holds for you is safe and very loving

Thank you Chloe you are an amazing soul!

Lee Nolan-Lönn

Chloe is amazingly intuitive and such a wonderful soul. She brought up something I had buried so deeply I had forgotten about, and she did it in such a gentle, loving way I no longer had to fear it.

She gives such clear details, and is spot on. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with a reading from Chloe!

Sharon McInnis

My reading with Chloe was amazing!

She’s truly a gifted intuitive with incredible insight.

Everything she conveyed was spot on and is such a sweet, calming presence.

Have a reading with her, you won’t be disappointed. Cannot wait to have another one! 🙂