My why, My Story &

My Purpose

Learned Life Lesson #1:

Do what you love!

I love everything about whole health!
The practice of reconnecting the Mind, Body & Soul, into alignment is a beautiful thing.

I have worked in the Coaching, Leadership and Business Management Field for over 20 years and dabbled in the culinary, fitness, health, wellness and vitality industry, discovering my passion;

Helping others heal from the inside out.

As I climbed my way to the top in Corporate America, I have been fortunate to have a vast number of experiences with people and all types business development, from mom and pop culture to the black and white big business structure.

Through this hands on learning, I have unfolded a very unique methodology and approach that creates consistent Dynamic Results that are founded on following your Intuition, applying universal laws and spiritual truths.

Since I was a just a little girl, I always found joy in loving, comforting and soothing others. Aiding others on their journey comes naturally to me. For as long as I can remember I have shared advice, empathy and compassion with everyone I interact with.

My first real love was Art, which I have always wanted to express through painting, drawing, sculpting & writing. The Unconditional love for my children lead me to live an Ancestral based life style using medicinal herbs and essential oils for illness prevention and quick recovery.

That transformed over time into whole health, where I began incorporating rocks, gemstone and crystals in our daily routines.

As a hobby, I spent 10 years putting my natural creative energy into practical. affordable holistic solutions for physical, mental and spiritual hygiene.

I built a product line and created a successful brand.

I studied, practiced and learned over 50 types energy healing modalities and therapies along the way of finding myself.

After this evolution and reconnecting and remembering who I really am at my core, Authentic Chloe, I discovered;

Healing, returning one and all to whole health, is part of my soul’s divine purpose.

I am here to be of service and aid mankind in a profound shift in consciousness, leading others to their own calling and realize their very own purpose and soul centered joy.

Living a holistic natural life style has not only become my ideal, it’s my deepest desire to help others do the same.

My focus and intention is to teach, educate and guide you, to decern what limits you’ve set for self, your business or the situation, that are standing in the way from you reaching your goals & obtaining your individual or vision to greatness.

You Deserve to be Happy, Joyful and in Love with life!

Isn’t it time to shift or get off the pot?

You can do this!

It’s time to be aware, awake and reveal the
Genuine Article to the world;
and that’s

I am inspired by Love, it’s the driving force in the background nudging me forward in life.
I take great pleasure in sharing my gifts, skills, talents and knowledge with the world. It’s my way to give back, educating, healing, creating and giving.
All values I instill in my children; and hope to influence others with.

‚ÄčLiving a Life I love-