My why, My Story &

My Purpose

Learned Life Lesson #1:

Do What You Love!

I love everything about whole health!
The practice of reconnecting the Mind, Body & Soul, into alignment is a beautiful thing.

I have worked in the Coaching, Leadership, and Executive Business Management Fields for over 20 years and dabbled in the tech, health and wellness industries, discovering my passion;

Helping others heal from the inside out.

My deep interest in healing developed in my early childhood. I was highly sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings, auras, and their emotions early on. I woke up many times to things moving in the night and hearing spirits talking to me. Back then, had a huge fear of the dark and spiders.

I grew up with parents who were clinically depressed and deeply submerged in their unprocessed grief. 

They both had experienced many traumas between them they didn’t know how to process, like my mom finding her alcoholic father dead on the couch at 16 and my dad slowly losing his mother to Parkinson’s disease. 

On top of being raised in mess and hoarding (secretly) my mother weighing over 550lbs at her heaviest and us living just above the poverty line, I was regularly bullied and teased at school. 

Watching my parents suffer so deeply and not being able to help them see their worth and value as a child was disheartening.

Growing up in that environment turned me into a codependent for many years. I repeated many of the same patterns from my family.  I developed addictions, like workaholism, and overspending. I found myself in a long-term toxic relationship with emotional and verbal abuse that played out the same dynamics I had growing up with my mom and dad. 

My mother’s sudden death, hanging up on her not knowing it would be the last time we ever spoke, and feeling her say goodbye when her soul left this earth were the catalysts for my transformation into forgiveness, health, and healing. I was in so much pain.


I am so grateful now for all I endured, overcame, and experienced.

All of these experiences have brought so much gold along with the lead. 

I developed my keen intuitive gifts, and my ability to read people and a room easily from walking on eggshells around my mom and ex-husband. I cultivated the skills to be a natural counselor and teacher, offering others the nurturing and guidance I had always wanted to receive from my dad. I am so grateful my parents imbued their faith within me and taught me how to connect with God after all those Sundays and Wednesdays at church. I sought answers on how to truly heal from trauma and God/Source revealed the process! It’s what I teach and share today. 

In remembering and learning who I am at my core, Authentic Chloe, I discovered;

Healing, returning one and all to whole health, is part of my soul’s divine purpose.

I am here to be of service and aid humankind in a profound shift in consciousness, leading others to their calling and realizing their very own purpose and soul-centered joy!

Living an optimal life has not only become my ideal, it’s my deepest desire to help others do the same.

My focus and intention are to teach, educate, and guide you, to discern what limits you’ve set for yourself, your business, or the situation, that is standing in the way of you reaching your optimal self and fulfilling life experience.

You Deserve to be Happy, Joyful, and in Love with life!

Isn’t it time to shift or get off the pot?

You can do this!

It’s time to be aware, awake and reveal the
Genuine Article to the world;
and that’s

I am inspired by God (Love), it’s the driving force in the background nudging me forward in life.
I take great pleasure in sharing my gifts, skills, talents and knowledge with the world. It’s my way to give back, educating, healing, creating and giving.
All values I instill in my children; and hope to influence others with.

​Living a Life I love