Have you been to mainstream therapy & you are still facing the same underlying challenges in your life?

Have you been on a healing path & you are still experiencing triggers?

Have you had narcissistic or codependent caregivers or partners & keep attracting similar people in your life?

Have you become more self aware & yet you are still finding yourself confused on how quantum mechanics are playing out in your personal world?

If you are ready, willing & able, then I can help you truly heal yourself by understanding the root cause behind your pain points & on going struggles.


Quantum Counseling Approach

I use is based on logic & discernment.

It offers a new & innovative multi-dimensional application process that really works to heal the mind, body, chemistry, relationships & life as a whole.

These sessions will bring life changing insights that support you in strengthening your sense of faith, personal empowerment & intuition.

You will learn how to create supernatural healing in the body, mind & spirit (that look like miracles) through transforming your perceptions, as you release limiting beliefs & judgements.

You’ll get the full picture of how your consciousness uploads your reality and how to reach your optimum potential by learning the secrets to live joyfully. The therapy tools provided in our sessions will walk you through the steps that deliver true results, helping you reach your full potential!

These techniques used are grounded in psychology, physiology, neuroscience, quantum physics, general systems theory, unified field theory, religious texts & spiritual bodies of knowledge. The structure blends mainstream & pioneering sciences with your personal belief system to fully integrate & unfold an optimized you.

Are you ready to live your Heaven on earth?

Isn’t it time to shift or get off the pot?

Let’s get started!
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It’s my absolute joy to help facilitate your transformation & self-healing process. It is the most fulfilling work on the planet & I’m so grateful to be of service sharing the universal keys to living a life you absolutely love!

— Chloe M Anderson