True Sidereal Astrology

What is True Sidereal Astrology & why do I offer it?

True sidereal astrology is a fusion between ancient eastern astrology practices & modern western astrology concepts. Its name is directly translated as “studying the stars in which we belong to or in which we come from”. Its origins predate Egyptian culture & was even recorded by the early Babylonians.

The true sidereal astrology system is founded on the stars’ positions relative to earth. It is also known as “constellational astrology” or “astronomically correct astrology”. It includes the full 13 signs of the zodiac in the ecliptic belt & reflects the true sizes of the constellations we see in the sky today.

The more well known practice in the west, like what we see in the horoscope section of the local newspaper is called tropical astrology. It includes only 12 zodiac signs & uses an even 30 degrees for each sign since it is based on the rotation of the seasons & vernal equinox, not the stars in the sky.


While the tropical practice has its place, many assume it’s reflective of the cosmos when it is in fact not. In ancient Greece, Aristotle & other great stoic thinkers promoted the idea that the entire cosmos revolved around a stationary Earth at its center.

Dating back to its original origins, ancient astrology was aligned precisely with the science of astronomy. It was decoupled from that science almost 2200 years ago, when society adopted the popular thought at that time- which was “the Earth was the absolute center of the universe which rotated around it”.

Views of the Universe

The tropical zodiac & what would become modern mainstream astrology we know today was born from that assumption.

When the system was created those approximate 2,200 years ago by Ptolemy, the constellations in the sky still matched with the seasons. During that era the Sun was entering Aries during the Spring Equinox.

However, the stars have slowly changed location relative to Earth’s seasons due to procession, which is the scientific fact that the sun moves 1 degree backwards every 72 years because of its wobble.

Today there is a difference of up to two zodiac signs between the western system & the actual constellations in the sky, 24 degrees or so. An example of this difference is that mainstream astrology would say that someone’s Sun Sign is in Leo, however, if you looked at the sky at the time of their birth you would actually see the Sun in the constellation Cancer. 

True sidereal astrology maintains the link between ourselves and the natural world, by viewing the stars as they truly are.

Thanks to technology, we can now incorporate the natural sky view into our astrological charts very simply these days. True sidereal astrology is also quickly gaining widespread adoption as people learn the differences between the systems. Many now believe this is the most accurate form of astrology because it is based on what is actually visible in the heavens.

I personally find it an optimal system to use because it incorporates the ancient historical lore value, scientific accuracy, nature’s geometry & a modern psychological perspective of interpretation.

As a master sidereal astrologer, I find the gifts within this ancient practice truly aid people in self discovery.

A natal chart reading touches on the uniqueness of the individual through the divine soul blueprint (personality traits & characteristics from birth & life experiences), including the path of their karma & the path to their dharma, along with how to find meaning in their lives, what their hidden talents & what their master soul lessons are.

It also reveals the challenges & obstacles that one might face to develop their high value gifts along the path to prosperity! It is supportive in further developing one’s self-awareness bringing clarity & insights to belief systems, family patterns, trauma, suppressed emotions, habits & coping mechanisms that limit reaching one’s full potential. It is an excellent tool to get to know yourself better & a wonderful resource to have on the self-healing journey.

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